The Simple Swing Short Game System
This is the most accurate,
most consistent, short game
scoring system ever developed.


The Simple Golf Company's Amazing Short Game Instruction

The Simple Golf Chipping, Pitching
and Sand Save System 

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We Guarantee Short Game Success

The Simple Short Game System

This Is The Most Accurate, Most Consistent

Short Game System Ever Developed
It works for all levels of golfers
and can be learned in a day.

Now You Can Finally Have A Great Short Game!!!

The Simple Short Game System System is the easiest way
to have and amazing chipping and pitching game.

The Simple Swing Short Game System is the easiest to learn golf swing instruction ever developed. You just learn one basic simple motion with your shoulders and then you can use that move for all your chipping, pitching, lob and sand shots.

  • Consistent chipping - Your chipping will immediate be more consistent and much more accurate. 
  • Pinpoint Pitching – Now you'll have the accuracy and consistency to go for the pin.
  • Lofty Lobs – You'll be able to hit high soft lob shots just like Phil Mickelson but without the decades of practice. 
  • Master Sand Shots – Finally you can master sand shots. The Simple Swing sand shot technique actually makes sand shots fun. 
  • Get Up and Down From Anywhere – The video contains everything you need to get the ball up and down from anywhere around the green. 
  • Guaranteed Confidence In Your Short Game – The Simple Swing Short Game System will give you confidence and consistency in your short game that you never dreamed was possible. 
  • Accurate Approach Shots - You'll improved accuracy will take strokes off your game.
  • Chipping, Pitching, Lob Shots and Sand Shots Made Easy– These step by step videos will give you accurate chip shots, consistent pitches, nice high lob shots and easy out sand shots.

Included in the Simple Swing Short Game
Guaranteed Success System Package.

Included is step by step video instruction of the Simple Chipping method.
Next we move to video instruction for slightly longer shots called Pitches. Accuracy and distance control are emphasized.
Lob Shots
We include complete lob shot video instruction so you can hit those nice high lob shots that sit down quickly next to the pin.
Sand Shots
Sand shots become easy with the Simple Swing sand shot method.

See What Golfers Says About The Simple Short Game System:

This makes shots around the green almost automatic. All of a sudden sand shots and lob shots are fun.
Peter J., Providence, RI

I have been using your Simple Swing Chipping System for about six weeks. I hesitated to respond until I was sure my chipping had improved. Well, I am sure now!

I am a decent player (USGA Hdcp 7.5) but until now was always suspect from 50 yds in. I would hit some good shots but too often either skulled or chilli dipped scoring shots. I tried different methods with not much success. When I finally came across your system, I did not have a lot of confidence that things would change.

Your system gives me the freedom to concentrate on how close I want the ball from the hole. I am no longer worried about hitting it fat or thin. I believe that it saves me 3-4 strokes a round. My short game is much improved and I look for the HDCP to go down this year.

Thank you for your help. I would recommend this system to anyone.
Terry G. Canton, Ohio

The Simple Swing Short Game system is amazing. I finally have a consistent and accurate short game. Thank you.
John J., Trenton NJ

I always had trouble getting out of the sand. Now I get out easily every time. I'd actually rather be in the sand than the long rough around the green.
Peter T., Boynton Beach, FL

You don't have to change your full swing game to enjoy the benefits of the Simple Swing Short Game System. The Simple Swing Short Game System can be used with any golf swing (conventional swing, natural golf, single axis and of course the full Simple Swing)

Instant Video Lesson  And Downloadable Manual
The package includes the Instant Download Video Lesson  and the manual. The manual in PDF format is immediately downloadable after ordering. The manual includes video clips from the chipping instruction so you can begin learning the short game system immediately.

We Guarantee the Simple Swing
Short Game System Will Immediately Take Strokes Off Of Your Game!!!

THE AMAZING Simple Swing Short Game 

1. We guarantee that Simple Swing Short Game Video will help you more than any other golf lesson or video.
2. We guarantee that Simple Swing Short Game Video will help you more than any training aid you've ever bought.
3. We guarantee that Simple Swing  Short Game Video will be the best money you've ever spent on your golf game.
4. We guarantee you'll have more fun playing golf.
5. We guarantee you will be much more accurate.
6. We guarantee you will be much more consistent.
7. We guarantee you will hit better shots than you ever believed possible.
8. We guarantee that Simple Swing  Short Game Video is the easiest way to learn a good short game.
9. We guarantee that Simple Swing is the easiest way introduce a child or spouse to the game of golf.
10. We guarantee that Simple Swing  Short Game Video will be the most fun you've ever had around the green.

If for any reason you are not completely happy with your Simple Swing  Short Game Video package you can return it up for up to 90 days and get a full refund of your purchase price (less s&h).

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